Fût de Chêne

The Fût de Chêne cuvée stands out through its remarkable elegance The predominance of Chardonnay gives this champagne a great finesse and lightness while Pinot Noir contributes to pleasant intense textures during tasting. Ageing in old barrick from harvest to bottling enhances the character and aromatic power of this wine, as woody notes bloom from the nose to the palate.

– Manual harvest.
Blended Champagne per excellence.
It combines the delicacy of Chardonnay (80%) with the intense texture of Pinot Noir (20%), from the Champagne vineyards.
– Dosage: extra-brut (3g/L) to allow the natural aromas of the wine to express themselves.
– Vinification: in old barrick from harvest to bottling.

Tasting notes


A brilliant golden robe.


The nose is intensely marked by barrel ageing, with sweet aromas of vanilla, honey, dried fruits, and delicious pastry notes.


As the nose, the palate is generous, and round, with the same original aromatic profile livened up by a lot of power, elegance, and freshness: wooded, vanilla and lightly caramelized flavors derive from this blending. Especially on the palate, delicate notes of white flowers, nuts, and almond paste, as well as subtle grilled and toasted aromas develop.

Pairing suggestions

Our Fût de Chêne cuvée, will perfectly pair with appetizers, especially with foie gras. It particularly enhances sautéed or sauce-covered mushrooms, such as white and black truffles, chanterelles, and morels. It also ideally pairs with cheeses like Comté and Pecorino, and with fine charcuterie.


Gilbert & Gaillard: Gold Medal since 2021.
– The Wine Merchant TOP 100: Highly Commended since 2022.

A cuvée that leaves no one indifferent

“Light gold color. The nose is intense, marked by barrel ageing with slightly exotic tones of vanilla, dried fruits, and a pastry touch. The palate follows the same original profile, characterized by a lot of freshness.”, Gilbert & Gaillard.

High aromatic power

The Fût de Chêne cuvée is characterized by meticulous savoir-faire and exceptional research into blending and vinification. It is the fruit of a unique blend between the freshness of Chardonnay and the intensity of Pinot Noir. Its uniqueness comes in particular from its vinification, with several months’ ageing in oak old barrick. That gives it a distinctive aromatic power, marked by woody touches and delicious exotic notes.

Our recommendations

To preserve the quality of the wine, it is recommended to store your bottles horizontally, preferably in a cellar, or in the dark, at a constant temperature between 10°C and 15 °C. Before tasting, it is advisable to store the bottle in the refrigerator for several hours. The ideal tasting temperature of the champagne is 8°C. This temperature allows the wine’s natural aromas to develop and fully express themselves.