Blanc de Blancs

Fine and delicate, our Blanc de Blancs is exclusively made from Chardonnay. During tasting, this cuvée full of lightness and liveliness, offers an elegant palate that is both juicy and generous. Perfectly balanced between sweetness, acidity, and freshness, it then reveals delightful and harmonious biscuit notes.

– Manual harvest.
Our Blanc de Blancs is exclusively made from Chardonnay, from the Champagne vineyards.
– Dosage: brut (8g/L) to preserve the character and purity of the wine.

Tasting notes


A sublime golden robe, adorned with green reflections.


The nose is rich and voluptuous. It expresses irresistible and generous notes of yellow and exotic fruits, with peach and pineapple hints standing out. The second nose reveals sweet pastry flavors.


The palate is direct, bright, and creamy. It is characterized by the crispness and freshness of the fruits. The final note is long and reveals a perfect balance between the citrus acidy and the crunchiness of the fruits, enhanced by the sweet flavors of brioche and vanilla. The fine and delicate bubbles harmoniously revive the tasting experience, resulting in a palate that is full of frankness.

Pairing suggestions

Our Blanc de Blancs cuvée is enjoyable from the aperitif. It particularly enhances fish, shellfish, and seafood. To conclude on a sweet note, this champagne exclusively made from Chardonnay wonderfully sublime desserts made with exotic fruits.


– Gilbert & Gaillard: Gold Medal since 2013.
– Gault & Millau, Guide des Champagnes: Recommended since 2017

Our recommendations

To preserve the quality of the wine, it is recommended to store your bottles horizontally, preferably in a cellar, or in the dark, at a constant temperature between 10°C and 15 °C. Before tasting, it is advisable to store the bottle in the refrigerator for several hours. The ideal tasting temperature of the champagne is 8°C. This temperature allows the wine’s natural aromas to develop and fully express themselves.