Bouteille de Millésime 2014

Millésime 2014

The Millésime 2014 is expressed by its harmony and length. Exclusively made from Chardonnay, and very low dosed, this champagne has a beautiful aromatic intensity. Its long ageing in the cellar enhances its complexity and character. Refined, fresh, and creamy, this exceptional cuvée offers a natural and perfect balance between acidity and delicacy, with an elegant finale note.

– Manual harvest.
The Millésime 2014 cuvée is exclusively made from Chardonnay, from the Champagne vineyards, and with grapes only harvested in 2014. Only juice from the first press, called “cœur de cuvée” is used for its production.
– Dosage: extra-brut (3g/L) to allow the natural aromas of the wine to express themselves.
– Maturation: 6 years minimum.

Tasting notes


A sumptuous golden robe.


The nose is rich and frank, with generous notes of butter, toast, and pastries. The second nose slightly evolves with spicy aromas, accompanied by delicate floral accents.


With a good length and a beautiful freshness, its texture is pleasant. The effervescence delicately coasts the mouth, revealing flavors of citrus fruits that are lightly candied or even grilled. The bubbles are fine and refined, harmoniously invigorating the tasting experience, for a frank wine mouthfeel.

Pairing suggestions

Our cuvée Millésime 2014 is ideal for tasting right from the aperitif. It goes wonderfully with refined dishes such as foie gras, and smoked salmon. It pairs perfectly with noble fish from the sea or river, and it will sublimate hot and cold shellfish, such as lobster, langoustines, and clams.


Gilbert & Gaillard : Gold Medal since 2020.
– Decanter: 90 Points since 2021.
– The Wine Merchant TOP 100: Highly Commended since 2022.
– The Wine Merchant TOP 100: Sparkling Trophy since 2023.

“A vintage at its best”

“Beautiful pale gold robe. Delicate nose with floral notes combined with a hint of toasted bread. The palate is very appetizing, taut, and aromatic, with a lovely textural quality and flavors that unfold on the finish. A vintage at its full maturity.”, Gilbert & Gaillard.

A great aromatic freshness

Not all years allow for the production of a vintage. We select only exceptional years that have met all the conditions to obtain a vintage with great aromas. The 2014 harvest was characterized by an excellent balance between the sugar and acidity levels present in the grapes. That year, the harvest began in mid-September. After a cold winter followed by a cool and rainy summer season, the sun finally made its appearance towards the end of the summer. Once fully mature, we obtained magnificent grapes, offering complex aromas that were ideal for blending an exceptional vintage.

Our recommendations

To preserve the quality of the wine, it is recommended to store your bottles horizontally, preferably in a cellar, or in the dark, at a constant temperature between 10°C and 15 °C. Before tasting, it is advisable to store the bottle in the refrigerator for several hours. The ideal tasting temperature of the champagne is 8°C. This temperature allows the wine’s natural aromas to develop and fully express themselves.