About us

Discover the origin of Germar Breton champagnes

From the 50’s until today, our family have been cultivating the vineyard of Aube. Laurent Breton, youngest among his brothers, decided together with his wife Karine Breton, to embark on the wine adventure. In 1989 they launched their activity in the Côte des Bars area near the village of Colombé-la-Fosse.

The perfect marriage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

In 2005, eager to develop our own Champagne, we decided to launch “Champagne Germar Breton”, produced and elaborated by Laurent Breton himself. We named our Champagne after ours daughters, Gersande and Marcelline Breton.
Our Champagnes are produced from a blend of two Champagne grape varieties –
the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay – that stretch over 7.5ha (2,8 acres). The vineyards lies overs 4 villages of Côte des Bars where the soil is particularly generous and the sunshine is ideal for viticulture.
Our cuvées are essentially composed of Chardonnay grape-variety that gives Champagne its typical characteristics: fineness, lightness and elegance.


Respect of nature for a champagne with authentic flavours

Our wine-making boasts an environmentally conscious approach.
We have adopted an integrated viticulture taking into account respect and well-being of the surrounding flora and as well as the health of the consumers.
We also collaborate with a company dedicated to increasing consumers’ awareness around the sorting and recycling of our products.
We are committed to finding a balance between traditional methods and modern methods tools, from implantation of grape varieties to vine management, by way of pressing and bottling. Each of our choices is driven by the same ambition to enable our cuvées to fully reveal their finesse.